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Bobcat Hunting:

Texas Location: Marfa & Brackettville Ranches
Country of Origin: North America
Name Variations: Wildcat, Desert Lynx, Bob-tailed Cat
Bobcat Hunting Gallery

The population of Bobcats at both our Brackettville Ranch and our Marfa Ranch is quite high. The abundance of food such as Rabbit, Quail and Dove plus the bushes and landscape contribute to their high numbers. Bobcats in our area have been known to reach the 60 to 68 pound mark, which is a big cat and considered a trophy by many.

Bobcats are an elusive and intelligent animal. Generally hunters that were enjoying one of our other hunting packages are more likely to take one of these big cats. We have 100 feeder stations and water stations where big game and small game congregate. With this in mind, the Bobcats also show up at these stations in hopes of an easy meal. To actually go out and search through the bush for these cats in not very productive due to their ability to hide.

Bobcat hunting is free for hunters that are enjoying one of our other hunting packages. The accommodations at both ranches are excellent with many amenities and luxuries not found at other hunting camps.

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